How it Works

RooferPro is completely server-hosted, with no client installation required.

In simple terms, the RooferPro Software is "netware" or on-demand software is similar to your on-line banking account. RooferPro Utilizes industry-standard implementation based on state of the art secure Microsoft technology as well as secure, video guarded hosting facilities.
Our system runs on a standard SQL relational data base system, however the patented multi-version technology allows multiple versions of the secure RooferPro software to run on a single installation.
RooferPro is completely server-hosted, with no client installation required. The RooferPro IDE (User Interface) and all applications run on a central server, eliminating the hassles of client software installation.
This means you never have to worry about missing information between computers, nor ever have to buy an upgrade. We upgrade continually with enhancements provided by the roofing contractors who use the RooferPro system. RooferPro allows you to build a bid from any computer on the Internet. 

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I am in the business of teaching roofing contractors how to leverage sales through technology. I am now advising my clients to switch to the RooferPro system because it works!

Robert Bert Steffan
Roofing Consultant
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