Every one of the companies RooferPro worked with to develop the software is in a roofing manufacturer's “top 10” list.

RooferPro - Contractor.comWhen I started contracting back in the early 90's I was using an antiquated software program. Even then, I was thinking about developing software based on a contractor's needs rather than just a database program. After working with thousands of contractors both in the Lowes contractor program and with, I had gained the technological skills and a finite understanding of the contractor. I understood customer relationships and how an online program could enhance, strengthen and sell more bids.

RooferPro - Stoneway Roofing Supply

Developing Stoneway Roofing Supply’s web site for managing leads, I streamlined contractors' sign ups and lead generation. I developed an online roofing contractors' “customer center”. Teaching roofing contractors how to leverage the internet showed me how I could help the roofing industry.

Almost four years and many versions later, RooferPro is the choice of roofing companies who have done their homework. Today we understand our customers better than we did years ago. Every one of the companies we worked with to develop RooferPro is in a roofing manufacturer's “top 10” list for their geographic area.

We are proud to be the choice of these distinguished companies. We are proud that we have helped some of these companies arrive at this point. Maybe we have been successful because we work toward building software that allows roofing contractors to contribute their knowledge and ideas. Or, maybe it is because we give our customers outstanding service and stand behind our product 100%. It's a good combination and it is working. Roofing contractors trust us and they let us help them build their business. -Chris Hills,   Founder and CEO   RooferPro


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Great News! The first bid we built with RooferPro got accepted! Love the program.

Sandra Daffer
Idaho Roofing Contractor
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