The new RooferPro on-demand roofing management program includes 150 new features.

MILL CREEK, Wash., Feb. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- With spring approaching, most roofers are now planning this year's business strategies. For many, implementing new business management tools and systems will be their key to success in 2007. Thanks to RooferPro Software (, that task just got easier: The company recently released the enhanced RooferPro. The new version of their on-demand roofing management system includes over 150 new features. See what Forbes has to say!

RooferPro Software designed the new features based on roofers' feedback. "We encourage roofers to call us with their ideas, concerns and suggestions about RooferPro," said Chris Hills, RooferPro President and Founder. "They're the ones who know what they need to grow and manage their business, and we want to accommodate them.

" RooferPro is a secure Web-based system roofers can use to manage every aspect of their business, from scheduling and customer relations management (CRM) to product pricing, bid management, and marketing. Because RooferPro is online, there is no software to install and no technical expertise required. Roofers can access the system online from anywhere. The RooferPro system allows roofers to track, manage and market to each client through each step of the sales cycle. What's more, the system automatically updates as new features are added - eliminating the need to purchase costly software revisions.

"RooferPro is constantly being updated and we always have the newest version. Chris and his developers listen to you. If there's something you want that would make your life easier, they'll add it," said Shay Freund, office manager at ARMR Roofing. "I've been in construction for quite a few years, and this system is by far the nicest I've seen. It tracks accounting and proposals, it keeps track of customers from start to finish, it helps with scheduling, and it makes the most professional looking proposals I've ever seen. RooferPro is a streamlined, comprehensive system that makes our lives easier. I don't know why any roofer wouldn't use it."

Bert Steffan is a former roofing contractor who now travels around the country consulting to roofing contractors. Steffan has added RooferPro to the suite of products and services he recommends to roofers. "With RooferPro, Chris and his team have developed an awesome Web-based bidding and bid tracking system for roofing contractors," Steffan explained. "RooferPro Software is the only on-demand software vendor in the roofing market. They're first to market. Chris has tremendous insight from his experience in the roofing industry, and he asked a lot of the right questions while developing RooferPro. [RooferPro] will be an asset to the residential and commercial roofing industry."

Michael Haight of Larry Haight's Residential Roofing agreed. "We started using RooferPro three years ago. In those days we had a staff of four. Today we have over forty roofing professionals," Haight explained. "With this tool we have been able to rapidly grow our business and manage our profits each year. What I like best about RooferPro is the fact that we can access the information from anywhere."

Haight credits RooferPro with allowing the company to better control materials costs, increase productivity and achieve higher bid acceptance. As a result, Larry Haight's Residential Roofing's bottom line has improved and the company has become one of the largest roofing contractors in the Northwest. To learn more about RooferPro or to try a demo version, roofing contractors can visit or

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I wasn't sure the software could do everything they said it would when I first started using RooferPro. Now I am an evangelist for this online software!

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