EagleView (formerly Pictometry) Integration

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RooferPro Integrates Aerial Measure Reports into their Web Based Software
RooferPro has integrated aerial measure reports into their software. Jennifer Jackson, Office Manager for a NC roofing contractor, stated, “When a storm hits we can get 10-20 bid requests. Some are hours away. Using RooferPro with aerial measures provides a great solution at a reasonable cost. After we signed up customers and walked their roofs we were amazed how accurate the aerial measure reports were. Now we plan to order the aerial measures for our contracts, so we can check our onsite measures at a nominal cost.” 

Contractors can sign up at www.rooferpro.com for a live a one-on-one demonstration to answer questions.

RooferPro Software LLC Contact:  David Urban
david@rooferpro.com    phone:   425-503-4298425-503-4298 FREE (PST)


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