Contact Management

Track your customers like never before. Don't let anyone fall through cracks, while keeping accountability in your roofing company at the highest level.

Click here to see an infomative video about the Scheduling section and how it works.Contact management allows you to:

  • Track complete customer information: re-roof prospect details, notes and history, appointments, to-do items, documents, and new re-roof opportunities.
  • Populate pre-defined fields including name, company, phone, address, web site, e-mail, and automatically insert predefined customer numbers for QuickBooks.
  • Access virtually unlimited date and time stamped notes as well as history of your company’s re-roof prospects and customers. View a list of notes and see the entire contents of a note.
  • Attach roofing company rep/salesman to each re-roof prospect. Track each sales decision as the prospect is converted from prospect to customer.
  • Quickly identify the last communication with a re-roof prospect from the contact tab.
  • Access pre-defined templates to save time building e-mails and letters. Easily customize the HTML graphical templates to e-mail customers.
  • Access company-wide account data, including re-roof prospect information, customers, and  the role that each contact plays in your roofing business relationship.
  • Provides a web page on your site where your customers can submit requests for service.

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Running our company has never been easier. RooferPro has become a vital part of how we do business.

Christina Lockhart
Canadian Roofing Contractor
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