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Roofing Sales Representative
Coordinating roofing customer-facing activities and events are a critical part of closing business and managing customer relationships. The sales activity management capabilities available in RooferPro help keep your roof reps organized and working together so your customers receive the attention they need.

Tracking and Collaboration
You can track tasks and activities, schedule joint meetings, assign tasks to other users, and set up activity templates for frequently or automatically assigned tasks.

Sales letter, Bid details and Schedule

Activity Reports
A key to sales activity management is the ability to see what your sales organization is doing at any given time. Generate roofing sales activity reports to get a bird’s-eye view of your organizational roofing sales activities for better performance management. Reports for a view of the sales metrics that matter the most to your roofing company.

Sold customers

Activity Scheduling
Schedule and set reminders for appointments and other activities for yourself and other users. Publish calendars for shared resources such as company or team activities.


Team Roles
Identify a role for each team member (executive, sales manager, sales representative). Define a different security level for each member to provide access to the appropriate information.

Team Roles

Real-Time Alerts
Set custom alerts and rules (big deal alerts, at-risk deals, and so on) to automatically notify individuals of critical business events.


Activity History
Maintain a historical record of all activities (complete and pending) related to an account, contact, or opportunity.


  • Roofing company sales reps need solutions that make their jobs easier, not more complicated. RooferPro gives them fast access to data, online and via mobile devices.
  • With a simple and intuitive user interface RooferPro is the one SFA (Sales Force Automation) solution every roofing sales rep will love and use.
  • Roofing company sales managers get access to the activities of their reps and insight into sales pipelines.
  • RooferPro provides powerful opportunity management, forecasting, and reporting, so roofing company owners can be confident their teams are producing at their full capacity.
  • Roofing company owners get accurate information so they can evaluate their company's past performance while looking ahead to the future.
  • Owners can answer critical business questions quickly without sifting through reams of data.
  • With the powerful analytics that RooferPro provides, owners have the real-time information they need to be effective.

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I wasn't sure the software could do everything they said it would when I first started using RooferPro. Now I am an evangelist for this online software!

Robert Picknell
Northwest Building Products
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