Return On Investment Projection

Your company will achieve a solid Return on Investment (ROI) with MobileRoofer 4.0:

  • Improved scheduling - Being able to maximize your employees’ time is one of the best ways to cut costs. RooferPro allows you not only to efficiently manage scheduling for appointments but allows each estimator to quickly determine the time and distance between appointments.  The program prints maps with clear directions to each appointment from the last location.
  • Reduced Variable Costs- Gasoline in is one of your highest variable costs. With MobileRoofer you can complete a measure and a provide a bid to your customer in one trip saving both gasoline and sales staff time. Even when you create the bid in your office you can do a "virtual close"  immediately over the phone with your customer viewing their bid online on their own computer.
  • Increased productivity - You pay out fixed costs every month to run your business: your lease, transportation, clerical staff and overhead as well as many of your employees are paid regardless of how much business you do.  By simplifying your measuring, estimating and bidding activities you can speed up the bidding process and control the costs associated with each bid. RooferPro allows you to increase your productivity so you can quickly cover those fixed costs and increase your profit.

  • Increased bid acceptance - RooferPro prints out a professional four color bid that clearly shows customers what they are paying for. It puts your firm ahead of other roofing contractors by explaining details and educating the customer which your competition likely does not have the time to do. RooferPro customers report increasing bid acceptance by 50% over their experience before using the software.

  • Increased Profit Margin - Roofers using RooferPro have told us that they are excited about being able to control their profit margins for the first time. RooferPro allows you to cover your overhead and set your profit margin on each bid and clearly itemizes your costs while you are creating the bid so you can make competitive adjustments. Most important, roofers tell us that they are more comfortable being the higher bidder as they see bids accepted based on the presentation and not the price. 


    You can achieve a return of your initial investment with one additional bid acceptance and continue to improve your bottom line every month. If your customers are accepting half of your bids and you offer 20 bids a month, with a 50% increase you will increase accepted bids from 10 to 15. If you average $4,000 profit per job in the above scenario you would increase your bottom line by $20,000 that month alone. At an initial cost of $2,000 and ongoing cost of only $200 per month roofing contractors quickly see that using RooferPro generates a significant return on investment. While most ROI arguments support ROI projections of 25% to 50% per year it is not unreasonable to see how RooferPro could generate a significantly higher return on investment.


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Great News! The first bid we built with RooferPro got accepted! Love the program.

Sandra Daffer
Idaho Roofing Contractor
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