Packaged System

Finally a system that allows your website and software to work together.

RooferPro Roofing Software CycleThe RooferPro system consists of your RooferPro on-demand roofing software interacting with you customized data driven web site. Information is shared between the systems databases in the form of Microsoft .NET Services. These two programs send customer, testimonial and bid information back and forth as needed to involve and enhance the customer experience. The sytem helps minamize the time it takes to update each system individually. Some of the completly automated processes include:

  • Once you have closed a customer utilizing the RooferPro on-demand roofing software, that customers information is sent to you website and entered into the mapping program. When a prospect visits your site, they can view every job you have done in the area.
  • Prospects and customers can review their bids from your web site. As simple as using their last name and a pass code that you are provided with the bid.
  • Testimonials are generated by the customer directly into your web site, allowing you to review the information and post it in that section of your site if you so choose.
  • Complete content management system that allows you to be in control of the information on your site.

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I am in the business of teaching roofing contractors how to leverage sales through technology. I am now advising my clients to switch to the RooferPro system because it works!

Robert Bert Steffan
Roofing Consultant
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