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When you need something more, we can build that too.

In this Phase, we seek to understand your company's goals for the roofing website. We clarify your specific business needs and plan the ways your website can meet them. We consider how best to appeal to your roofing customers and determine the best technical approach for your site. It is important to gather any existing content and graphical material you may have. At the end of this phase, we will develop a work plan that identifies the tasks, timeframes and resources for the project.

In the Design Phase, we will map out the overall design, the "look and feel" of the site. A site map will be created to show all the expected pages and their relationship to each other. We will assemble all the graphics and content and determine the pages on which these elements will appear.

In this Phase, we build the site, doing all the necessary writing, coding, scanning of pictures, and creating links. This stage always requires one or more review cycles, where you will be able to look at the site as it is being built and provide feedback. Some modification of the site occurs in this phase, but the major layout decisions will have been made in the Design Phase. We are finished when we have a site you are pleased with.

Before your site is actually launched, we will test it. We will be sure it works under the major browsers such as AOL, Internet Explorer and Netscape and we will be sure it works on a Mac as well as a PC.

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